Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day, and the theme is be a light in the darkness: 


Help us to be your light Lord piercing the darkness caused by prejudice, distortion of truths, misinformation, stereotyping and propaganda. All have been used and are still used to promote acts of genocide and can be little though frequent steps along a path of destruction and hate. 
Give us the courage and wisdom to speak out against injustice to uphold the dignity of every human being and honour the truth. 
May we examine our own actions and ask ourselves if we have caused the alienation of others. Help us Lord, to keep Your light shining in our lives and seek and give honour to Your light shining in the humanity of all Your people. Amen 
God’s Blessings on us all

Fr. Des

Message from St. Bernard’s Catholic High School:

St. Bernard’s are inviting staff, students and our wider community to place a candle on a windowsill at 8pm tonight and pray for all those affected by the Holocaust.