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The month of June is a traditional time to promote devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. On the Friday after the second Sunday after Pentecost the Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This designated Friday is in June. Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus helps us to be reminded of the love Christ our Lord has for us, His sacrifice on the Cross for our salvation and forgiveness of our sins. His mercy and compassion being always greater than any wrong we could do brings to our attention that we do not earn Christ’s love for us, it is given to us by Christ as pure gift. It is unconditional love. When we are open to this insight, our lives and priorities can change for the better as we contemplate on how to respond to Christs love for us. We discover how to be devoted to His Sacred Heart which gives our lives both meaning and purpose.

Service times and Sacraments

Attending Mass

The Sunday obligation has been lifted because of the pandemic. This means that you do not need to attend mass on a Sunday and can attend on another day of the week.

Living with the virus has been challenging but we have also found new ways of living our faith. May we continue to journey together with generous hearts and growing trust in the presence of the Lord in our lives. God Bless, Fr Desmond.

Streamed Services

The Saturday 6pm evening Mass at the Immaculate Conception and the 11am Mass at St Gerard's on Sunday are streamed live.

We hope that these opportunities will help people who are house bound, living in Nursing/Residential Homes or in hospital/hospice. Any friend interested in what goes on in our churches might also find these live recordings helpful as well as members of our parish communities who may be travelling.

Mass Times

St. Gerard's
Saturday 11am
Sunday 11am
Wednesday 10am
The Immaculate Conception
Saturday 6pm
Sunday 9am
Monday 10am
Thursday 7pm
Friday 10am

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