St. Wilfrid’s Centre 20p for 2022

St. Wilfrid’s Centre 20p for 2022


1 or 1.5 million coins can make a difference to our clients’ lives

Following a difficult two years keeping the Centre open throughout a pandemic and supporting vulnerable, isolated and homeless adults in Sheffield, 2022 seems a good time to celebrate with an ambitious fundraising campaign.

20p for 2022 – Building Together

Download our template and make your own St Wilfrid’s Centre Collection Cube.

.STWC Collection Cube 20p for 2022

You can then start filling them with 20p coins to help build our future and make a difference to our clients’ lives.

As part of Sheffield University’s Live Project, architect students worked with staff and clients at the Centre to explore what changes to the building would make a difference. They then drew up plans detailing some exciting changes to the buildings on Queens Road. One feature of this, is an extension to the front of the building to extend the café area and provide additional room for activities and support.

If our figures are correct (and we can’t promise they are exact), it would take approximately

1.57 million 20p pieces to fill the proposed extension of around 39.3 cubic metres and around 332,000 £2 coins. This is working on them not being stacked but loosely filling the space in case you’ve worked out a different answer by now!).

We know that many people don’t use cash as often but that is the perfect reason to get rid of any loose change. Please encourage anyone you know to collect 20p and £2 coins to support our valuable work.  

It costs £500,000 to run the Centre each year, yet every 20p donated can provide a hot drink for a client, and every £2 coin a two-course hot meal.

“I really enjoy our chats because I don’t have anyone to talk to apart from my brother who lives miles away. You always update me about the Centre and I can tell you about what is going on with my benefits and life in general. Thank you so much and all my benefits have now been sorted out. “  Client

“I hope the Centre doesn’t shut again.  You’re the only people I get to see”  Client

Our belief is the same as has been for the past 31 years – that past and present experiences of people are respected and they have the capacity to determine their future circumstances regardless of their history.

Share a picture of your first name or parish in 20p coins.

Once you have collected enough 20p coins in your cube, try writing your first name with them.

It took 109 coins (£21.80) to write St Wilfrid’s Centre but only 34 (£6.80) to write Ruth. Have a go and send us a picture.

20p names

If you would like to hear more about St Wilfrid’s Centre and the valuable work, please explore our website.